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 Max asks, Ania answers:

  • What is dance for you?

    Dance is a compass of my life. It keeps me always to the right direction, allowing to go through sunny & stormy moments and bringing me to many fantastic harbors. It is my life or in other words I am a dancer.

  • So when did you start to dance?

    Well, it happened exactly when I did my first steps on my 1st birthday. More seriously, I started with it in the age of 4. My mum began with showing me basics of ballet and stretching. She used to be a ballet dancer. Than came time of Lambada, which took me completely in. I was dancing it non-stop! And of course my mum with me too ;-)

  • Apart of many won competitions, lovely shows and pleasure, did dance give you anything else?

    A lot! It gave me straight and strong back, possibility to travel & to meet a lot of inspiring people, self-confidence and believe in myself, that I can make my dreams come true. Beside that, dance helped me to learn how to organize well my time. And on the gym classes I always felt very comfortable with my stamina and muscles strength. There are more benefits, but these I think are for me the most important.

  • Your life is dance only, right?

    I am also and architect. I love to crate and by that to use my body and brains :-). I am thinking of starting to study choreography, but that comes in the future.

  • What you can tell about your teaching experience?

    I think, I am not a typical dance teacher. It is very important for me to care not only about the steps I teach, but to care about the whole body development. It crate many extra exercises and look at every person as at unique individuality. I do care about every person development. With kids of course it is play + rhythm + basics. With a bit older kids I go for sport dance.

  • Do you still compete?

    I do train every day, because I love it and it is important for my personal development to improve more and more as a dancer and as a teacher. And, yes, I am preparing to dance competitions, with  my new dance partner :-)

  • Do you teach only in Holland?

    In the past I thought dance in Poland and in Germany. At the moment I am located in Holland :-).